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Class Descriptions

Preschool Programs

At Perrysburg Gymnastics Center we offer four unique and separate gymnastics programs for children age 3 through age 7. These programs include: Wiggles & Giggles, Kinder Gym, Movers & Shakers, and Dance Divas.

Perrysburg Gymnastics Center's program goals are to:

  1. Encourage children to have FUN and enjoy gymnastics.
  2. Develop preschool children's physical potential, flexibility, strength, rhythm, discipline and coordination.
  3. Build preschool children's confidence and enhance their self image.
  4. Develop social skills through interaction with other children.

Preschool gymnastic classes are carefully planned for young gymnasts. Our lesson formats give children a large variety of gymnastic movements. The children work on all pieces of gymnastic apparatus with the predominant emphasis on tumbling skills. During the fun-filled 45 minutes, children are encouraged to go beyond their own expectations and perceived limitations.



Wiggles & Giggles (age 3 to 4)
Music & movement exploration, social skills, locomotor skills, and coordination are all major parts of the curriculum. [30 minutes]

KinderGym (Age 4 to 6)

Structured to permit children lots of time on all equipment, and to develop skills, strength, and coordination for more advanced gymnastics. [45 minutes]

Movers & Shakers (age 4 to 6)
Dance FUNdamentals (ballet, jazz  & tap)  are explored in this class for girls. [45 minutes]

Dance Divas (age 5 to 7)
Same format as Movers & Shakers, but the work is more challenging and geared to the older child. [45 minutes]

Dancin' Dudes  (age 4 to 7)

This program for boys teaches the basics of dance and movement as well as gymnastic skills, to develop  strength and coordination for more advanced gymnastics.   [45 minutes]


School Age Programs

Consist of comprehensive structure of floor work, bars, beam, vault, trampoline, and our bungee harnesses. Students will be placed according to their age and abilities. [55 minutes]


Gymnastics Team
A unique opportunity for the gymnast to train with more intensity. Competitive gymnasts will perform at area meets. Team practices 6 to 10 hours per week.


 Tumbling (age 8 and up)
A great way to get the inside edge for school tryouts. Concentration is on cartwheels, round-offs, back handsprings, back tucks, etc. [45-60 min]