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We recommend that all parents participate in their child's progress by observing class at least once a month. If you cannot observe, it is imperative that you check at the desk for current handouts, newsletters, and other important information. Be an informed parent! It is important that the same interest that the Perrysburg Gymnastics Center and its faculty has for the training and welfare of all students be shared by the parents. We encourage you to support your child in all their gymnastic endeavors.


Repetition is a must so be sure to bring them to every class. Arrival time should be scheduled a few minutes prior to class time. Students who repeatedly miss first exercises will be asked to reschedule. We cannot supervise children following classes.


Hair and Attire
Hair must be tightly secured and NO JEWELRY is to be worn to class. All students are required to wear appropriate apparel. Loose fitting clothing is not acceptable classroom attire. Cover up garments should be worn to and from the Perrysburg Gymnastics Center.


Lounge and Gym Area
Only students and instructors are permitted in the gym area. No smoking, eating, or drinking in the gym area. There is no smoking in any area of the Center.


Element of Risk
The Perrysburg Gymnastic Center has the safest equipment for your child's use. The Center maintains proper safeguards at all times and takes every precaution concerning safety and spotting. However, gymnastics always has some inherent risk.


The center is not responsible for any injury sustained on its premises. We require that you maintain adequate insurance coverage for any possible claims or guarantee payment of any medical expenses incurred as a result of training, performing, or participating in activites of the gym. Perrysburg Gymnastics Center is not responsible for any losses of personal property.